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KTM or Keretapi Tanah Melayu Train Schedule

KTM - Keretapi Tanah Melayu trains is a good and interesting mode of travel in Peninsular Malaysia. See the country side scenery as you move along the various parts of the country.

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Malacca Vacation in Malaysia

Malacca Vacation is not complete without visiting the historical heritage of A'Famosa, The Stadhuys, Christ Church, Maritime Museum, cruising Malacca River and tasting the Nyonya food.

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Melaka Restaurants

Looking for Melaka Restaurants to go to? This historical city has cuisine ranging from local delights to Portuguese and Nyonya cuisine that you can savour.

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Melaka Town

Explore Melaka town and you will see history comes alive along the many old shop houses in various streets of Melaka.

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Melaka Sentral - Transportation Hub

Melaka Sentral is the major transportation hub in this historic city. This central terminal is a contemporary building which looks like a shopping complex from far…

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Melaka Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum in Melaka is located along the Melaka River. A huge wooden ship can be seen as you travel along Jalan Quayside parallel to the river of Melaka.

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A Famosa or Porta de Santiago Melaka

A Famosa or Porta de Santiago, one of the most valuable ruins built by the Portuguese centuries ago is another most sought after attraction in Melaka.

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Christ Church Melaka

Painted in coral red, Christ Church is a Dutch heritage that reminds people of their presence in Melaka centuries ago.

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St Paul Church Melaka

Step into St Paul Church, the former Portuguese Chapel and you will be amazed by the historical ruins here.

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Jonker Street Melaka

If you like bazaar type shopping, Jonker Street is the place to go while you are in Melaka.

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Baba Nyonya of Melaka

Baba Nyonya, also known as Peranakan is another unique blend of cultures that will definitely surprise you when you come to Melaka. Find out more here..

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Parks In Kota Damansara

If you are in Kota Damansara and would like to hike, head for KD Community Forest Park or Taman Rimba Riang.

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Malaysia Travel News

Here is the latest Malaysia Travel News 2022 to help you while you are in various parts of the country.

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Kuala Selangor Attractions

Kuala Selangor, a coastal town and the surrounding areas are a good getaway time. Visit Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Taman Malawati, Skymirror, eagle feeding, fireflies watching and scooping up blue tears are some of the activities you can do here.

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Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. This 240 hectares park is ideal for bird watching, hiking or simply taking time off.

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Malawati Hill Attractions in Kuala Selangor

Head to Malawati Hill in Kuala Selangor and see the panoramic view of the Straits of Malacca, the 100 year old light house, the free roaming monkeys, the Poisoned Well, angsana trees, cannons...

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Pulau Tioman Attractions

Pulau Tioman things to do include snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking or volunteer in the Juara Turtle Project in this beautiful island which is located 56km off the coast of Pahang.

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Sekinchan Attractions

Go for a day trip to Sekinchan, Selangor. Attractions include the vast paddy fields, seafood, migratory birds, orchards and fruit stalls by the roadside.

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Taiping Attractions

Spend 2-3 days in Taiping and enjoy the food, hills, boat tours, lakes, zoo and many other fascinating attractions in this town.

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Perak Museum

Visit Perak Museum in Taiping, the oldest museum in Malaysia. Established in 1883, this building houses cultural collections, nature collections, archaeological items and other interesting items.

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