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What will be the best Malaysia Mobile Services to sign up to when you are in Malaysia? Here you can find the list of mobile services available, their coverage and the services each of them provide.

There are 3 major mobile service providers in Malaysia, namely Maxis, Celcom and Digi. The others are smaller operators with lesser coverage across Malaysia or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). Each of these big operators actually has distinct colours representing their brands. Maxis in green (postpaid) and red (prepaid), Celcom in blue and Digi in yellow.


Maxis is the leading integrated telecommunications service operator in Malaysia with coverage all over the country including East Malaysia. One can enjoy excellent reception in all major towns and cities, on all major highways, as well as in-building coverage.

Maxis also provides affordable IDD calls either through direct dialing an international number or key in a simple code with IDD132. You can also roam in more than 180 countries with Maxis.

You can sign up for either the post paid service under Maxis or prepaid service branded under Hotlink. For those looking for iPhone, Maxis is one of the two telcos offering iPhone with various data plans. IPhones sold under Maxis is cheaper due to higher subsidy by Maxis but their monthly plans are higher than the other operator.

Being an integrated player, customers can expect to benefit from the various bundles offered when one signs up for more than one service in addition to the mobile service.


Celcom, the oldest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia, claims to have the most extensive and widest coverage all over the country. Celcom offers various postpaid packages under its Exec plans with different monthly commitment levels. Their mobile prepaid services are offered under Celcom Blue.

With the most comprehensive coverage nationwide, customers can be assured of being able to make and receive calls when one travels around the country even to the more remote areas.


Digi's strength is more in prepaid and is represented by the yellow man in most advertisements and roadshows. Their network coverage is not as extensive as Maxis and Celcom.

DiGi is the second operator in Malaysia to offer the iPhone on April 1, 2010. Although its monthly plans are cheaper than Maxis's iValue plans, the price of the iPhones sold are higher than Maxis.

Points To Consider

In choosing the best Malaysia mobile services to sign up to, one should look at the coverage, and of course the best plans available. If you are signing up for more than one person, do check out their family packages available which provides better value for money.

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All the above three telcos also offers competitive broadband packages for data usage.

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