Terengganu State Museum

Terengganu State Museum was officially opened on April, 20 1996 by the late Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafibillah Shah, the Sultan of Terengganu. It is located in Bukit Losong which is about 6km away from Kuala Terengganu.

It covers an area of 27 hectares and is the largest museum in Malaysia. The main museum has 4 blocks of huge buildings. The Maritime Museum is also located within walking distance from the main museum. There are 5 traditional real houses which are placed on the compound behind the main museum.

Terengganu State Museum

Main Museum

At the main museum, you will be able to see the following galleries:

Textile Gallery

The Textile Gallery shows the history of textile development in Malaysia. The locally produced textile that you will learn include songket, batik, gerus, limar, pelangi, gerus and telepuk. Some of these can be purchased from the many souvenir shops in the city centre. Other traditional garments such as those used during wedding are also exhibited here.

Royal Gallery

The Royal Gallery will bring you back to the history of the Sultanate of Terengganu. There are many collection and royal regalia that are on display here. Portraits of the former rulers of Terengganu can also be seen here.

Maritime Museum Terengganu

The big boat on display as you go towards the Maritime Museum.

Boat At Terengganu State Museum

The top of the boat with the Terengganu River at the background.

Craft Gallery

The Craft Gallery will take you some time to appreciate as many of the display here include the fine craft of traditional arts and handicrafts. Woven mats, brass wares, gold and silver ornaments are some of the crafts that you can see. Other weapons such as Keris, Lawi Ayam, Sundang, Kuku Harimau which refects the past design of blacksmiths are also shown here.

Natural History Gallery

The Natural History Gallery depicts the many natural resources such as minerals, rocks, flora and fauna that are found in the state of Terngganu. Many of these artefacts show the way of life of the people a few decades ago.

Petroleum Gallery

The Petroleum Gallery is one of the main revenue generator for the state. It shows the history of petroleum in Malaysia and the model of the first oil rig which was located off the coast of Terengganu in South China Sea.

Historical Gallery

This galery brings you through a series of past events together with artifacts that show you the famous and legendary figures who have enriched and created history.

Islamic Gallery

The Inscribed Stone that was discovered shows the Islamic propagation and the existence of Jawi in the region. Other related artefacts are also shown here.

Maritime Museum

This gallery shows the many types of boats that were used in the olden days. The traditional boats are used for fishing and for travelling from one place to another. It also exhibit the equipment that were used in building the boats. Take note of the different carving and curvature of the boats.

Traditional Boat Terengganu

The traditional boat on display outside the compound of the Maritime Museum.

Traditonal Houses

The traditional houses that are located behind the Terengganu State Museum main building show the houses that were built in the olden days. The houses include Rumah Limas, Rumah Tele which is a house built for the ladies to stay, Rumah Bujang, Rumah Berserambi Besar and Istana Tengku Long.

Tele Traditional House

Rumah Tele traditional house at the compound of the Terengganu State Museum.

Getting Here

The Terengganu State museum is located about 6km away from the city centre of Kuala Terengganu. You can take a bus from MPKT Bus Station which will take you approximately 15 minutes to arrive. The bus fare is less than a Ringgit.

The address and contact of the museum:

Muzium Terengganu Malaysia
Bukit Losong
20566 Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu, Malaysia 

Tel: +6 09 622 1444

Opening hours

Saturday to Thursday

9:00am - 5:00pm


9am - 12pm
3pm - 5pm

The museum is closed during Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji Holidays.

Admission Fee for Malaysian Citizen

Adult: RM2 Children: RM1

Admission Fee for non Malaysian

Adult: RM5 Children: RM2

Within the Vicinity

Try the Keropok Lekor, a famous finger food of Terengganu at Kampung Losong, 10 minutes drive away from the museum.

Visit also the old fort of Pulau Duyong and see the reconstructed old palace which was built in the year 1919. 

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