Tambun Pomelo

Drop by the many stores that sell pomelo from Tambun along Jalan Gopeng, near the Sam Poh Tong temple if you are in the vicinity of Ipoh, Batu Gajah or visiting Tempurung Cave in Gopeng. It is quite similar with grapefruit as they originate from the same citrus family. The difference is that the bigger fruit has more juicy pulp and is not as bitter as the grapefruit.


The pomelo fruit is sought after during the Chinese New Year.

There are basically two flavour that you can choose from, the sweet or the sour flavour. The majority will go for the sweet flavour but there are some who will want the sour flavour.

As there are many shops along this road that sell the fruit, you will initially be surprised that all the shop owners will try to convince you to enter their shops. Do not be afraid but choose a shop that you like. Stall no. 11 is manned by a friendly lady who will recommend you a good one. Price of the fruit range from RM 5 to RM 18 depending on the size of the fruit.

Tambun Pomelo Fruit

The juicy light yellowish color of a ripe fruit. Best taken chilled.

This fruit is the most popular fruit in Perak. Those that are planted in Tambun Valley, about 10 minutes east of Ipoh will taste the best as these farms are surrounded by the limestone hills that are rich in minerals such as calcium for the trees to thrive. Reputed as one of the best in the world, this seedless fruit are rich in minerals such as potassium and folic acid. It has a good source of vitamin C as well as other minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and sodium.

During the Chinese New Year, this is a sought after fruit as some Chinese believe that taking the fruit is a sign of prosperity and good fortune. It is also used for the preparation of "Yee Sang", a Chinese dish taken during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

How To Choose A Good Fruit

If you are new to this fruit, it is best taken when it is fully ripe and have plenty of juice.

  • The fruit that is riped should be heavy which indicate that there is plenty of juice in the pulp.
  • When riped, the pulps would have opened which means that the centre bottom of the fruit should be hollow. Press the centre bottom of the fruit to determine that the fruit is ripe.
  • Tap the skin gently and listen to the sound. If the sound is not deep, it means that the rind is thin. A thinner rind is a better choice as it means that it comes from a matured tree.

Pomelo from Tambun, Ipoh

Notice the hollow centre of the fruit which indicates that the fruit is ripe.

Getting Here

Head for Sam Poh Tong temple at Jalan Gopeng and you will be able to see the many stalls that sell the fruit. If you are buying a substantial amount, you will get a better discount. Enjoy your fruit.

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