Bidor Noodles and Biscuits

The small town of Bidor was said to have existed in the late 18th century and was part of the Gangga Negara kingdom basedon the artefacts that were discovered here. Today, this town still has all the traditional outlook of a typical old town due to the slow pace of development here. One of the main attractions that attract visitors from outstation coming back here is the Pun Chun Restaurant that still serve one of the best duck noodles in Malaysia.

Pun Chun Restaurant Bidor

The Pun Chun Restaurant big signage along the main road. You will not miss it.

Duck Noodles

The duck noodles.

If you are traveling along the North-South PLUS Highway, take time to drop by this town for a meal. If you are coming fromSungkai, exit the next interchange and look for the BIDOR signage. The distance from Sungkai to this town is 15.5km and the toll will cost you RM2.10. If you are coming from Tapah, the distance is 15 km and the toll cost is RM2.00.

As you exit the toll, go towards the direction of the town and you will reach the "Jalan Besar" main road where there are shops located at both sides of the road. It will take you about 5-10 minutes to reach the restaurant.

Most of the time, the restaurant is packed with customers. Take your time to wait near the tables of those who are finishing their meal and you will get a place to sit. One of the specialty of this restaurant is the duck noodle soup which is cooked with herbs, dried longan, wolfberries and ginger. The local called the noodles "Wan Tan Mee".

If you do not like the soup version, you can have the dried noodle served with black ketchup as well. I would personally recommend you the soup version. The duck meat is cooked until it is tender and soft that even small children will enjoy it.

After your meal, you can go towards the racks at the front of the shop to purchase some cookies for your friends or family members. The famous ones are the crispy chicken biscuit which has a strong aroma as you bite it. There is also the sweet egg flour biscuit that is coated with caramel. There are other goods that are brought in from other parts of Malaysia such as the Tambun biscuit from Ipoh and the nut meg from Penang.


There are many sellers outside of this shop that sell famous seedless guava or "jambu". The price per kg ranges from RM5-RM6 and is as costly as one can get in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur. You can test it before making a decision to purchase the guava. Bidor is famous for this fruit as there are many plantations that produce this fruit.

Depending on the season of the year, other fruits sold here include mangoesteen, pomeloes, mangoes, cempedak, jack fruit, dragon fruit, langsat and jambu air.

Bidor Jalan Besar

The traders setting up their stalls at the corridors along "Jalan Besar"

Operating Hours

Operating hours: 5am - 10pm daily


Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
38-40, Jalan Besar
35500 Perak

Tel: +6 03 4341 554 or +6 03 4341 562

Enjoy your meal here..

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