Tanjung Malim Food

If you are looking for Tanjung Malim food, you may want to consider dropping by Yik Mun Restaurant. It is located in the state of Perak, near the border of Selangor. This town is undergoing much development as the national car manufacturing factory, Proton City is located here.

If you are travelling along the North-South Highway, exit the Tanjung Malim toll and go straight. You will see this place at the left side of the road.

Tanjung Malim Buns

Tanjung Malim Food - The famous Yik Mun buns.

Curry chicken bun Yik Mun Restaurant

Chicken Curry Bun or "Pau Kari Ayam"

This town is also the location of Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris, one of the oldest teacher's training college in Malaysia. Today, it is known as Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris or UPSI.

This restaurant serves halal or kosher food and you will notice that it is packed with customers especially during public holidays and weekends. It was established by the Kok family in the year 1926 serving Hainanese food. There are plenty of food that you can order but the buns or "pau" are the most famous food.

Pau Kari Ayam Tanjung Malim

You can try the chicken curry bun which costs RM2 per bun. The chicken bun is not too spicy and tastes good when taken hot with a cup of coffee. If you prefer less spicy fillings, try the "kaya pau" or the "red bean pau". The price is RM1.70 each.

If you miss your toasted bread, order a set for RM3 which has a combination of butter and kaya fillings. If you are still hungry, try the Hainanese noodle which costs RM7.50 per plate. 

Red bean pau Tanjung Malim

Red Bean Bun

Drinks that you can order include soya cincau which costs RM4 per glass or simply the famous Hainanese White Coffee for RM3.50 per cup.


Yik Mun Restaurant
3 Jalan Besar 1
Jalan Slim Lam
Tanjung Malim
Tel: 05-4596380

Operation Hours: 9am to 10pm.

If you have a GPS, key in the following coordinates: N03° 41.395'
E101° 31.439'

Restoran Yik Mun

Yik Mun Restaurant.

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