Sitiawan Cendol, Kong Piah & Wantan Mee

Sitiawan Food

While you are travelling near Sitiawan for holidays or business, remember to try some of the famous food some of which you can pack home for your friends and family members. Plan your time to try the cendol, kong piah and wantan mee and you will not regret it. Most locals who have migrated to the cities make it a point to try these specialties whenever they come back here during festivals or visiting their relatives.

Here are some information of the three specialties.

Sitiawan Noodles

The typical "Kampuan" or "Kong Lo Mee".

Kampuan or Wantan Mee

The Wantan mee is the Cantonese style noodles boiled after which it is mixed with soya sauce and finally topped up with barbeque pork (Char Siew). Those in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya would be very familiar with the kind of noodles which are usually taken in the morning for breakfast or lunch.

The Foo Chow equivalent of this noodle is called Kampuan in Foo Chow. The type of noodle used and the taste is slightly different than the wantan mee. Many like the Foo Chow version of the noodles.

The "Restoran Fajar" which is located just behind The Store Superstore has many stalls that serve chinese hawker food. One of the stalls that sells Kampuan has been in operation for a long time and is popular with the locals there. You can choose the dry type or one with soup.

The dry type will come with Wantan (minced meat wrap in thin flour skin) in soup whereas the wet type include both the noodles and the wantan together. This stall operates from morning till 4pm-5pm and may close when all the noodles has been sold.

Restoran Fajar Sitiawan

The Restoran Fajar where you can try the "Kampuan".


One popular cendor which has been publicized in newspaper, magazines and blogs is the "James Cendol Stall" which is a mobile stall that is located in front of Maha Mariamman Temple, along Jalan Lumut, a few hundred metres away from "The Store" Supermarket. If you are going towards the direction of Lumut along Jalan Lumut, "The Store" is located to your right.

"James Cendol" stall is just located further up the road. You will need to make a U-turn to reach the stall. This stall operates from 11am to 7pm but may close earlier depending on the availability of ingredients.

James Cendol Sitiawan

James Cendol Stall in front of the Maha Mariamman Temple.

One other stall which is equally good and not publicized is located just behind one of the tallest building in Sitiawan town where "Courts Mammoth" is located. The other landmark to locate this stall is the "Pos Office". Once you can find the post office, you will not miss this mobile motorcycle stall. This stall is also operated by an Indian family and they also serve nice cendol with the option for sticky rice.

Each bowl of cendol costs less than RM2.

Some who have tasted Penang Cendol off Penang Road think that the Sitiawan Cendol tastes better.

Cendol Stall Sitiawan

The other cendol stall which is just beside the Sitiawan Pos Office.

Kong Piah

"Kong Piah" is one of the trade mark of the Foo Chow community and the original recipe is said to have originated from China when the Foo Chow community was brought here by the British to work on the farms. Today, many new recipe have been added and improvised to suit the taste of the new generation.

The "Kong Piah" ingredients are flour, yeast, alkaline water and water. The big dough is then divided into smaller portion and filled with fillings such as minced pork, onions or just plain sugar. They are then placed in a special made charcoal oven to be baked for 10-15 minutes. They are best when eaten fresh but many will pack back home and placed them in freezers to be kept for weeks. Re-heating in an oven before eating is necessary.

Kong Pian Sitiawan

One type of crispy "Kong Piah".

Cheong Chia Gong Pian Shop

The "Cheong Chia Gong Pian" Shop.

One of the stalls that sell the Kong Piah is "Setiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian". It is located just beside the building where "Courts Mammoth" is. This family-owned business operates from 9:30am to 5pm and closed on Sundays. You may have to book especially during public holidays as many who come back from outstations will order in big quantity.

Address: 12, Jalan Tok Perdana.

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