Poring Hot Spring

Poring Hot Springs is a must for every visitor who goes to Kinabalu Park. It is about half an hour's drive from Kinabalu Park. You will pass by the town of Kundasang and Ranau on your way here. The local Kadazan people call bamboo "Poring". 

Poring Hot Spring

Entrance to the Hot Spring.

This place does have lots of bamboo trees. Upon your arrival, you will see a parking area, a reception area and a visitor centre. You can see the bamboo tree as you enter the park as shown in the picture above.

This hot spring was first developed by the Japanese during World War Two. One is able to see and use the many open air and indoor Japanese style baths facilities. The hot water is channeled from the source where the temperature is hot enough to boil eggs. The temperature of the water can be regulated by mixing it with the cold water which is channeled from the nearby river.

Poring Hot Spring Stream

Hot Spring Stream.

The hot spring is reputed to be good for health as it contains sulphur which is known for its curative properties for those with skin problems.

The open air type is more crowded and free of charge but the indoor type is for those who want to have time off by themselves. There is a fee charge for the rental of the indoor type based on the number of hours used.

Canopy Walk

Besides the hot spring, one can also explore the popular Canopy Walk. The total distance to complete the circuit is 2 km and the Canopy Walk makes up about 200 metres of the circuit. Built some 50 m above the ground, one has to be bold and stout hearted to do this walk as the canopy can be shaky and looks flimsy at times. Take heart, these hanging bridges are tested everyday before they are opened to the public.

For those who stay overnight in Poring Hot Spring, you can do a bit of jungle trekking along the banks of a winding river. After an hour or so walk (shorter path route), you will be able to see a 10 m waterfall. The longer path route takes 3 hours to complete and ends with the view of a 100 m high waterfall.


If you choose to stay overnight at Poring Hot Spring, the facilities include Poring Chalet where a unit can accommodate 6 persons. The New Cabin has 2 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 4 persons. For those who come in big groups, there is the Youth Hostel which can house a total of 64 persons.

Reservations can be made at Kinabalu Gold Resort Sdn Bhd.

Tel: +6 088 243629/ +6 088 245472 
Fax: +6 088 242861

Jungle Restaurant is the place where you unwind in the evening. As you dine, you will be able to hear the sound of insects and the sound of the rushing water in the nearby river. You may be able to see the natural "Christmas Light" when the fire flies come out to feed on the nectar of the tree leaves as night falls. 

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