Kinabalu National Park

The Kinabalu National Park is located in Sabah, approximately an hour and a half drive from the city of Kota Kinabalu. Covering an area of 754 square kilometres, the highest mountain in South East Asia called Mount Kinabalu is located here. This granite mountain is 4093 metres above sea level and is the focal point of this park.

Kinabalu National Park

Flora and Fauna in Kinabalu National Park.

If you plan to scale this mountain, be prepared to allocate at least 3 days for this feat. You will spend 2 nights in the mountain huts along the way to the peak. As you scale this mountain, you will see conifer forests, mountain streams, orchids and ferns.

Hear the sound of insects that permeates the calmness and the stillness of the virgin forest. If you are fortunate, you may see and smell the maiden's veil fungus Dictyophora - a delicate plant with foul smelling mucous on the outer surface of its cap.

Climber's permit is required to climb Mount Kinabalu and can be purchased at Kinabalu Park. Adult fee is RM50 and children below 18 years is RM20. Make sure you build up your stamina prior to coming here by running, jogging, climbing stairs etc.

Some items you should bring include..

  • A pair of jogging or tennis shoes with good grip.
  • Warm clothing as the temperature up the mountain could go down to below freezing point.
  • Windbreaker, gloves, hat; packed all clothing in plastic bags to prevent them getting wet in the event it rained.
  • Torchlight.
  • Lightweight Binocular for a good view of the mountain.
  • Energy Foodstuff such as chocolate, raisins, nuts, biscuits..
  • Drinking water.

Flora And Fauna

There is an abundance of flora and fauna in this park. The diversity of plant life which has been preserved hundreds of years ago make it a worthwhile visit. Remember to bring along your camera to capture some of the amazing plants such as the pitcher plant and white necklace orchid.

There are over 1,200 species of wild orchids which you may have bypassed without knowing it. It will be great if you could get a guide who will explain to you the various species of flora and fauna found in this park .

Rafflesia Flower

A picture of Rafflesia flower.

Orchid At Kinabalu National Park

Orchid at Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu Observatory Tower

Stop by the Observatory Tower on your way to Kinabalu Park.

Kinabalu National Park Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant.

Accommodation at Kinabalu National Park

There are many affordable accommodation at Kinabalu Park. The rates are higher during the weekend hence if you are on tight budget, do plan your overnight trip during the weekdays. Nepenthes Villa is a 2 bedrooms unit that can accommodate 4 persons.

Kinabalu Lodge has 4 bedrooms that can accommodate 8 persons. Rajah Lodge has 5 bedrooms for 10 persons. Hostels with dorms such as New Fellowship and Old Fellowship can accommodate 52 persons and 46 persons respectively.

Reservations can be made at Kinabalu Gold Resort Sdn Bhd.

Tel: +6 088 243629/ +6 088 245472 
Fax: +6 088 242861

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