Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park is a popular destination for the locals especially during the weekends and public holidays as it is only 30 minutes drive away from the town of Miri. It is an ideal park for picnic and jungle trekking as there are many waterfalls and well-marked trails in this dipterocarp rain forest. It covers an area of about 6,949 hectares and was given the park status in 1975.

The most popular waterfall is the Latak Waterfall which is about 15 minutes walk from the park headquarters. It falls from a height of 25 m into a large pool which is good enough for swimming. Basic changing facility and picnic shelters are provided for the convenience of visitors.

The Nibong waterfall is accessible by 2 hours trek along the Pantu Trail. Other waterfalls are Pantu Waterfall, Pancur Waterfall, Tengkorong Waterfall and Dinding Waterfall.

Trails for Jungle Trekking

There are a total of 12 trails in this park. Take time to study the trails and go at your own pace. As most of the trails are well-marked, no guide is required except the Summit Trail. The Summit Trail will guide you to the summit of Lambir where you will be able to view a panoramic view of the forest.

The trails are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary trails.

The four primary trails are:

  • Main Trail
  • Pantu Trail
  • Lepoh-Ridan Trail
  • Bakam Trail

The seven secondary trails are:

  • Nibong Trail
  • Summit Trail
  • Tengkorong Trail
  • Latak Trail
  • Bukit Pantu Trail
  • Pantu Waterfall Trail
  • Pancur Trail

The only tertiary trail is the Dinding Trail.

It is always a good idea not to go jungle trekking on your own.

Flora and Fauna

There are over 230 species of birds in this park. Bird watchers will appreciate this park as there are many colourful and exotic birds here. Other animals include the gibbons, pigs, deer, anteater and monkeys.

The park consists of many hardwood trees such as Selangan Batu and Meranti. Ferns, mosses, gingers, lichens, palms and pitcher plants also thrive here.

Birds at Lambir Hills

Fees and Opening Hours

Admission Fees

Entrance fee is RM10 for adult and RM5 for child.

Opening Hours of the Park Headquarters

8.00am to 5.00pm daily


Lodges with fans or air-conditioned are available at the park. Rates start from RM50 per room for two adults. Camping can be done at the campsite for up to 200 people. The cost for camping is RM5 per person.

Nibong Waterfall

Getting To Lambir Hills National Park

As this park is located on the main north-south highway, it is easily accessible. Buses are available from Miri for less than RM5 per person with a travel time of about 40 minutes.

For bookings of accommodation and other enquiry, contact the park for further enquiries.

National Park Booking Office
Sarawak Forestry Corporation

Tel: +6 085 434 184

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