Dengkil Chinese Food Yew Hin Restaurant

One of the Dengkil Chinese food restaurant that you can go to is Restoran Yew Hin, about 15km away from Putrajaya town. Hence, if you are working in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya and would like to take lunch, this is one of the restaurant that you can go to. It is open from 10am to 3pm daily to serve the lunch crowd.

Dengkil Yew Hin Prawn Noodles

Prawn Loh Mee

Dengkil Yew Hin Fried Fish

Deep fried Senangin Fish with fresh chillies

This shop has been around for more than 5 decades and the current owner is the third generation operating at the same premises. The building is old and is a typical old shop with cement render floor. It is not air conditioned but is reasonably clean.

You will get value for money meals as there are no other charges except for your dishes and drinks. There is no service charge or government tax imposed.

The fresh tiger prawn is the famous dish here with a few styles of cooking. You can cook the prawns by simply steaming them, fried with noodles or cooked in noodles soup(loh mee). You can request for one, two or more prawns depending on the number of diners. If you are new to this dish, you can request for one prawn to be cooked with noodles and share with your friend. The price is about RM30 for one medium sized prawn with noodles. The noodles are made by the owner and is a specialty of the shop. 

Dengkil Yew Hin Sweet Potato Leaves

Garlic fried sweet potato leaves

The other dish you can try is deep fried senangin fish with fresh chillies. This is another signature dish that you can try. It is appetizing as the ingredients used to cook the sauce are fresh. Due to the high demand of this dish, the fish is usually fresh. You can order a medium sized fish for about RM30.

Customers usually order a vegetable dish and one of them is sweet potato leaves. If you prefer something simple, simply ask for sweet potato leaves fried with garlic. This dish will cost you about RM6 for a medium sized serving.

Dengkil Yew Hin Restaurant Menu

Photos of the various signature dishes

Dengkil Yew Hin Restaurant

Getting Here

Go to the direction of Dengkil from Cyberjaya or Putrajaya and go all the way to the end of the town. There is a mosque opposite this row of shop where the restaurant is located. Take note that this restaurant is only open for lunch. You can park your car by along the small lane near a Chinese temple.


Restoran Yew Hin

No 94, Jalan Besar


Tel: 012-275 4428 or 03-8768 6402

The GPS coordinates of this restaurant is N02° 51.505' E101° 40.809'.

Enjoy your Dengkil Chinese food...

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