Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

Taman Warisan Pertanian is an agriculture park that shows the agricultural development of Malaysia. While here, you will experience and learn the traditional crops that were planted in vast areas throughout Malaysia before the country changed the emphasis of being an agricultural-based country to a manufacturing-based country. Today, the manufacturing and petroleum industry contribute more than half of Malaysia export revenue.

Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

The spacious visitor's complex at Warisan Pertanian is opened from 9am to 11pm daily.

A variety of crops that are planted here for you to see and touched are the rubber trees, the cocoa, palm oil, fruits, herbs and spices. There are over 180 crops in the park and during the fruit season, you can even sample the different type of fruits fresh from the trees. There are also many exciting events that are organized throughout the year.

The notable ones are the "Jom makan Buah" event where you can eat as much local fruits as you want for a nominal fee of less than RM10 per person. It is usually held in the month of July every year. The agriculture-related activities such as the latex collection from rubber trees and coagulation before being rolled into rubber sheets are shown here. The maintenance of crops and fruit preservation methods are also demonstrated here.

Here are some of the facilities at Warisan Pertanian that you will not miss.

Visitor's Complex

The architecture of this complex is designed using wood to show the traditional Malay design. Some of the attractions here include:

Warisan Sate

This is a cafe serves Kajang Haji Samuri sate, one of the most famous traditional charcoal grilled chicken, beef, fish and a variety of other meat served with the popular peanut sauce. Hence, instead of going to Kajang to savour this popular food, you can have it all here while visiting Putrajaya.

This cafe operates from 11am to 11pm daily including Saturdays and Sundays.

Warisan Sate Putrajaya

The famous Kajang Haji Samuri Sate has an outlet here.

Food and Souvenir Stalls

There are other stalls that sell drinks, juice, coffee, tea, fried chicken, local Malay dishes and rice. There are stalls that sell flowers and decorations made from dried rubber leaves, cocoa products and other products. Special souvenirs can also be arranged for local and overseas tourists.

Ciku Trees Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

The sweet and delicious "ciku" fruit.


The orchard is planted with a variety of seasonal fruits of Malaysia. This include "durian", the King of Fruits of Malaysia.If you happen to be here during the durian season, you may want to try this unique fruit which has a strong smell. Most westerners will not like it when tasted for the first time. Other seasonal fruits being planted include the mangoesteen, "cempedak", rambutan, "pulasan" which is quite similar to the rambutan and dokong.

The non-seasonal fruits that you can see include the pomelo, longan, mango, guava, "jambu batu", star fruit and "ciku".

Jambu Air Putrajaya

The "jambu air" fruits are wrapped with bags to prevent insects from eating them.

Banana Plant Warisan Pertanian

Banana plants growing near the information centre.

Herbs and Spices

The herbs and spices are also planted here for your learning experience. Among them are lemon grass or serai, "kunyit", "sireh", curry leaves, "kadok", pudina, "selasih", "cekur" and "jari lima". It is believed that the "jari lima" is able to repel the mosquitoes.

Agro Industry Plants

The plants that are widely planted for export is the oil palm and rubber trees. You will see a rubber gallery at the Rubber Clone Plot which has over 1500rubber trees from 71 clone such as the RRIM 600, GT I and PB 260. Visitors will be able to see the demonstation how to tap a rubber tree, latex collection from the trees and coagulation before being rolled into rubber sheets.

Other industry-based plant include the pepper, coffee, coconut, tea and pineapple.

Operation Hours

The visiting hours to the Orchard and Visitor's Complex is from 9am to 7pm daily including weekends.

The Warisan Sate is opened from 11am to 11pm daily including weekends.

The entrance to the Visitor's Complex is Free of charge. Entrance to the Orchard will be charge a fee of RM2/person.


Taman Warisan Pertanian
No 7, Jalan P16
62150 Putrajaya

Tel: +6 03 8888 0099

Getting here

This park is located at Precint 16. 

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