Kelanang Beach

Kelanang Beach is located near Morib Beach in the district of Kuala Langat. If you are coming from Banting town, go further up along the Banting-Morib Road and you will encounter a junction.

There will be a signboard that directs you to go straight instead of turning left to Morib. This beach is not as widely publicized and not many visitors outside of this district know about it.

Kelanang Beach Signage

You will not miss this signboard welcoming you to the beach.

Kelanang Beach

The beach taken in the afternoon.

Pantai Kelanang

Camping at the beach.

Even if you do not intend to stop here for long, it is a good idea to drop by and see this beach. The beach has sandy white sand but is not suitable for swimming.

Plan additional travel time to drop by this beach, Gold Coast Morib Resort, Tanjung Sepat and Bagan Lalang. They are all located along the south west of the coast of Selangor. During the low tide, you can walk a couple of hundreds of metre towards the sea.

The GPS coordinates of the beach is N02° 47.384' E101° 24.710'.

During public holidays and weekends, there are stalls that you can go to for your food and drinks. Beach balls, kites, floats, T-Shirts, sweets and other tit-bits are sold here to holiday goers who did not bring their own supplies.

Public toilets and surau are also available for your use. If you are driving, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of parking bays that have been built for your use.

Campers find this place a good location to camp and you may find them busy setting up their tents as you walk along the beach. Casuarina trees thrive along the shore of this beach, providing shade from the hot sun especially in the afternoon.

Kite flying is also another activity that you can get your children to do here as this beach is quite windy in the evening.

Kelanang Beach Stalls

Stall selling tit-bits, drinks, T-Shirts and kites.

Kelanang Beach Food Stalls

Food stalls to quench your hunger and thirst.

Kelanang Beach Parking Bays

Parking bays for your car.

Kelanang Beach Facilities

Restrooms near the parking lots.

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