Teluk Batik Beach.

by Esther
(Sydney NSW Australia.)

Teluk Batik Beach During The Weekends

Teluk Batik Beach During The Weekends

I grew up in Gopeng and as far as I can remember I was privileged enough to spend my school holidays at Teluk Batik Beach for the day.

Every time I come home from Auatralia my whole family will stay at the chalet for a few days.

There are heaps of improvement and there are some activities that you can do during the day (water sport) apart from enjoying the ocean.

As a morning jogger I was very frustrated to see the white sandy beach full of rubbish, from nappies, bottles and food lying around the beach.

Can someone please look into this situation soon. All we need is more rubbish bins, cleaners start cleaning before the beach goers turn up and more signage put up. It won't cost that much to keep our beach clean. I know all the beaches along Batu Ferringhi in Penang Island are cleaned up early every morning.

It would be nice if we have a little cafe closer to the beach where we can just sip our teh tarik and enjoy the views. Currently, most of the shops and restaurants are quite a distance from the beach.

I am not looking forward to take my overseas friends here unless something gets done with the rubbish on the beach. The bathrooms in the chalet should also be upgraded.

However, I will still go to Teluk Batik and so does people around Ipoh because this is one of the closest beach around apart from Lumut and Pangkor Island.

Thank You! I love my country Malaysia.

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