Malaysia Events 2010

Here is a listing of Malaysia events 2010 that are related to tourism in Malaysia. If you are looking for the past events of 2010, see more details below.


3 Jan - 31 Dec 2010 : Genting International Show

This show will be held in Genting Highlands, the city of entertainment up in the hills of Pahang. Shows include the world class performances by singers, acrobats, dances and showcase of exotic animals.


9 January 2010 to 27 Nov 2010 : Laman Budaya Rakyat

The Laman Budaya Rakyat event will be held every Saturday at Dataran Merdeka with the first event schedule on 9 January. Items on display include crafts, paintings, food and other interesting items.

Venue: Dataran Merdeka
Tel: +603-2612 8315

30 January 2010 : Thaipusam

This is a religious festival for the Hindus which draw visitors and foreigners. The main celebration is held in Batu Caves,Selangor.


14-15 Feb 2010 : Chinese New Year

This auspicious occasion is celebrated for 15 days by the Chinese of Malaysia. Other races join in the celebration by attending open houses throughout the country. Large scale open houses are organised with plenty of food for everyone to enjoy. Lion dance and angpows are given out during this time. Look out for the announcement on newspaper for the venue of the open houses. Contact the Ministry of Culture Arts & Heritage, Malaysia for more information.

Tel: +6 03 2612 7600 

27 Feb 2010 : Langkawi Ironman Triathlon 2010

See the participants compete against one another as they swim, bike and marathon running in the duty free beautiful island of Langkawi. This event has been certified as among the toughest in the world.



1 Mar - 7 Mar, 2010 : Le Tour de Langkawi 2010

Similar to Le Tour De France, this annual event will bring together the best cyclists in the world to compete in Malaysia.The race will go through seven states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Malaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and two Federal Territories; which are Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.



2 April - 4 April 2010 : FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP "Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix" 2010

This year's Formula One which is part of Malaysia events 2010 will be held in Sepang during the tropical heat of the day. Come and see the excitement and roaring sound of the world class cars from Ferari, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

Many entertaining and exciting exhibitions will be held in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Many shopping discounts will alsobe offered in various shopping complexes especially in Bukit Bintang area.

Venue: Sepang International Circuit
Tel: +6 03 8778 2222

24-25 April 2010 : 17th Regatta Lepa Semporna – Water Festival

Held in Semporna in the state of Sabah, this water festival will include a competition of the most beautiful traditional sailboats. Tug of war, kayak race and boat racing will also be held as part of the festival during this 2 days of fun and xcitement. Semporna is the gateway to the world's best dive sites which include the world renowned Sipadan.

Phone: +6 089 781 518 or +6 088 232 121

Apr 27 - May 2, 2010 Labuan International Sea Challenge (Malaysia Water Festival 2010)

Participants from around the globe are invited to join the kayak competition, boat tug-of-war competition, game fishing, boat race and cross channel swimming during this time of fun in the duty free island of Labuan.

i)Labuan International Extreme Kayak Challenge
ii)Labuan Boat Tug-of-War
iii)Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament
iv)Labuan Intenational Boat Race
v)Round Island Kayak Challenge
vi)Cross Channel Swimming Challenge

Tel: +6 087 408 744/422 622


1 May - 2 May 2010 : Sabah Fest 2010

Held in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, this event will feature the cultures and traditions of the various ethnic groups in Sabahthrough music, dance, fashion and food. The annual Harvest Festival will be held after this festival.

Tel : +6 088 232 121/212 121

14 May - 15 May 2010 : Miri International Jazz Festival 2010

Held in Miri in Sarawak, this is another Malaysia events 2010 with international jazz performances set amidst the lush tropical rainforestsand beaches.

Tel: +6 085 434 181 

28 May 2010 : Wesak

Celebrated by the Buddhist, it is considered the holiest day in the Buddhist Calendar. It marks the birth, enlightenmentand final passing away of the Buddha.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2612 7600 

01 Mar 2010 - 31 May 2010 : Colours of Malaysia 2010

Colours of Malaysia Festival will give you an opportunity to learn about the Malaysian people and the diverse cultures. This annual event brings all the heritage and culture of Malaysians from all states. Various delicacies of the different ethnic groups of Malaysia will be featured here as well. The event may be held in Putrajaya, pending confirmation from the organiser.

Tel: +6 03 2693 7111 


1 June - 2 June 2010: Gawai Dayak Festival

This harvest festival is another Malaysia events 2010 celebrated by the Ibans and Bidayuh in Sarawak. This annual fesival will showcase the traditional costumes and ceremonial offerings.

Tel: +6 082 423 600 

19 June - 20 June 2010 : 25th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2010

This annual event has attracted many international participants from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Brunei. Thisevent will be held in Kota Kinabalu. While here, remember to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and Kinabalu National Park.

Tel: +6 088 232 121/260 431

18 June - 20 June 2010 : SUPERGT CHAMPIONSHIP, Sepang

Started in 1994, the Japan GT Championship Series (JGTC) is the most popular category in Japan’s motorsports world. One of its race is held here in Sepang, Selangor.

Tel: +6 03 8778 2222

23 June - 29 June 2010: Fiesta San Pedro, Melaka

Fiesta San Pedro is a major annual celebration of the Portuguese fishing community in the historical state of Melaka.Traditional games, cultural performances, food fairs and the best decorated boat contest make it an interesting event not to be missed.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 06 281 560 or +0 06 262 0202


July 2010 : Ipoh Open International Run

Join the many runners in this international run which will be held in Ipoh, the capital of Perak. While here, remember to try the pomelo, a popular and juicy fruit of Perak.

The date of the run will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 05 241 3733

9 July - 11 July 2010 : Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak Cultural Village

Visit Sarawak on the island of Borneo go to see the living museum known as Sarawak Cultural Village. Musicians from around the world will gather here to celebrate a fusion of nature, culture and ethnic music. If you have the time, head for Bako National Park near Kuching and you will not regret it.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 082 423 600

July 2010 : Port Dickson International Triathlon, Negeri Sembilan

This triathlon consists of a combination of 3 events namely running, swimming and cycling. More than 1,000 participants from all over the world is expected to compete. This event will be held in the resort beach town of Port Dickson.

The date of the run will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 06 647 0888


July - August 2010 : Sarawak Regatta

Held in Kuching, watch the state’s expert boatmen take up their paddles to prove their prowess for the event. Water jet ski and kayak races will also be held during this three days Malaysia events 2010.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 082 243 301 / 414 405

31 August 2010 : Merdeka Month Celebration

This day commemorates Malaysia's 53rd year of independance or 'Merdeka' in Malay Language. See the open air concert on the eve of Merdeka day on 30 August. The colourful parade will be held on the morning of the Merdeka Day. The Merdeka day celebration is held in every major city in Malaysia.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2615 8188 or +6 03 8888 1957

August 2010 : Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge

Anglers will be competing for the biggest fish in this tropical rainforest of Rompin, Johor. This "catch and release"fishing event will have many international participants with attractive cash prizes to be won.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 09 514 1203/513 7235


10-11 Sept 2010 : Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration

Join the celebration as Malaysian Muslim end their fasting month. Relatives and friends are invited to many open houses where they will be treated with various traditional food and delicacies. Look out for the open house announcement on the paper and join in the celebration.

Further information on this Malaysia events 2010 can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

16 Sept 2010 : Malaysia Day Celebration

This day commemorates Sabah and Sarawak joining Peninsular Malaysia as a nation of Malaysia. This is the inaugural year where Malaysia Day will be celebrated in full scale and has been declared a public holiday throughout Malaysia.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2615 8188 or +6 03 8888 1957

22 Sept 2010 : Lantern Festival

Held in Penang, The Penang Lantern Festival is celebrated during the full moon of the Chinese Calendar that features many intricately designed lanterns with multiple motifs.

Tel: +6 04 262 0202


23 - 24 October 2010 : 24th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon 2010

This two days event is one of "The World’s Toughest Mountain Race" where participants will scale 21km to the peak of Kinabalu mountain and descend in 3 hours. Remember to visit Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu National Park if you have the time to spare.

Tel: +6 088 232 121 


5 Nov 2010 : Deepavali Celebration and Open House

The triumph of good over evil is celebrated by Hindus on the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. Look out for announcement in the various open house that will be held in the country.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

21 Nov 2010 : Penang Bridge International Marathon, Penang

This annual event will see participants from all over the globe running across the third longest bridge in the world. Great prizes awaits the winners of this international event.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 04 262 0202

Nov 2010 : Malaysia International Gourmet Festival

Taste an array of exquisite meals in this month-long festival! Known as Malaysia's premier gastronomic event, this event showcases Malaysia's finest restaurants and the exclusive menus they offer.

Tel: +6 03-22284 2388/22282 8028

Nov 2010 : Taman Negara Eco-Challenge

The world's top runners compete in this two-day event where participants will ascend the 2,187 metre high Gunung Tahan. Attractive prizes await the winners of this challenging event.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 09 517 1111 / 517 1112

Nov 2010 : Powerman Malaysia

Held in Lumut, this annual sea event incorporates cycling, running and swimming in a duration of 5 hours during the day. Participants with the fastest time recorded wins.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2263 3388

End Nov 2010 to early Jan 2011 : Malaysia Year End Sale

The Malaysia Year End Sale offers great discounts and bargains on a wide variety of merchandise. This is the time for the ultimate shopping indulgence. Head for the many shopping complexes in the city and you will not regret it.

Tel: +6 03 2698 1033 


Early Dec 2010 : Monsoon Cup Terengganu 2010

This Monsoon Cup is a part of the prestigious Swedish Match Tour. Take the opportunity to visit the many beautiful beaches here.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 09 623 1957 or +6 03 2142 2882

Early Dec 2010 : Penang Island Jazz Festival

Held at the popular Ferringhi Beach in Penang, this Jazz Festival will showcase performances of over 50 local and international jazz artistes.

The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2093 4725

25 Dec 2010 : Christmas Celebration and Open House

Join the Malaysian christians as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Look out for the various open house in the paper.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

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